Hikvision FAQs

During our years of serving clients across Northwest Florida to provide and install quality custom commercial life safety and business life safety systems, we have dedicated ourselves to offering nothing but the best products. As a premier provider of Hikvision USA, Inc., our clients often approach us with a number of Hikvision FAQs, and we have the answers.

Because Hikvision is so strongly committed to meeting and exceeding the various life safety needs of the clients their products serve, newly introduced firmware requires users to create a password in order to activate their devices. Therefore, DVR/NVR/IP camera models no longer have a default password after the firmware revision.

  • First, Hikvision’s range of products and features provide customers with the power of choice. CCTV features include options on image quality, camera design and price point. By extension, Hikvision allows a level of customization to meet various needs and various budgets.
  • Second, Hikvision IP camera lenses offer wider coverage areas as compared to standard CCTV cameras. Consequently, the wider coverage area requires the installation of fewer cameras to monitor a wider area than a system using standard CCTV cameras would demand.
  • Image resolution in Hikvision IP cameras is generally better because they possess a higher number of megapixels, providing a superior level of clarity for zooming in on footage that has been previously recorded.
  • Ease of use is another benefit of Hikvision CCTV cameras. Even individuals who lack a great deal of technical skill can easily understand how to use the cameras with simple instruction.
  • Simplicity of installation allows a quick and easy process to ready the systems for use.
  • Expandability of Hikvision systems enables clients to easily add new cameras and integrate them into pre-existing CCTV systems as the business expands or reaches a need for a greater degree of life safety monitoring.
  • A majority of Hikvision IP CCTV systems have analytics ability inbuilt, negating the need for an additional investment in analytics software.
  • Hikvision manufactures a full range of Analog DVR and IP DVR products that meet the various needs of clients, making the life safety systems that utilize them fully customizable.
  • Because they use a common interface for all types and versions of DVR, upgrades to the technology do not affect the relevance of existing Hikvision products.
  • Hikvision provides iVMS software for most of their home and commercial applications as well as applications supported by all popular mobile OS and devices to remotely view and control DVRs.
  • Hikvision’s latest generation DVRs can seamlessly connect HD analog/network cameras and Coaxitron cameras, providing powerful CCTV surveillance to any level of use.
  • Hikvision DVRs work both independently as a recorder or used in cooperation with other devices to create a more comprehensive surveillance system.

Hikvision cameras are both waterproof and weatherproof, making them ideal for a wide rage of applications.

Hikvision’s face detection technology is one of the detection features in their Smart Features set. Using Hikvision’s face detection technology, 4-line network cameras possess the capability for the accurate detection of human faces and capture facial images to trigger or deactivate an alarm based on recognition. Three face recognition terminal models are available. Each one is uniquely and flexibly designed to meet various needs. Models include Wall-Mounted Face Recognition Terminals (DS-K1T604MF and DS-K1T606MF), the Base- or Wall-Mounted Face Recognition Terminal (DS-K1T605MF) and the Face Recognition Component for Access Turnstile (DS-K5603-Z).

All Hikvision cameras whose names include –S support audio function. Some cameras also include an internal microphone.

Hikvision is the largest producer of life safety systems and surveillance equipment around the world and possesses one of the highest records in the industry for preventing life safety vulnerabilities in their products. In the event that these breaches do occur, however, they are openly communicated to clients to notify them of the threat and rectified accordingly.

Hikvision offers a range of options in bullet cameras, dome cameras, mini-dome or turret cameras and indoor cube cameras.

HikvisionIP camera systems offer a number of advantages over traditional DVR systems, including the fact that life safety systems using IP cameras allow users to receive alerts on mobile devices. They also have advanced motion detection features that reduce false alerts from occurring. IP cameras provide digital video with intelligent markers for alerts that ease the review of footage. In addition, IP cameras are able enabled for both Wi-Fi and power lines, making them more flexible for use in various locations.

Commercial properties - especially large ones that experience a large degree of traffic - are greatly benefitted by the use of Hikvision cameras, as they are often some of the most targeted properties for criminal activity and life safety threats. Depending on the size and type of the property, systems can be customized to fit the needs of each client with cameras whose features will be of most benefit. Among commercial properties served by Hikvision camera are banks and financial buildings, business offices, hospital and medical care facilities and retail and department stores.

Hikvision’s products are available for purchase through authorized dealers located across the country. Ivanco, Inc. is an authorized Hikvision dealer with platinum membership, which provides us with an even greater extent of knowledge on products as well as their use. We are also highly skilled installers.

Direct technical support with Hikvision is available by calling their technical support line at (909) 612-9039 or by emailing techsupport.usa@hikvision.com. The team at Ivanco, Inc. is also able to answer questions you might have regarding Hikvision products and systems.

Safari (Mac OS), Internet Explorer and Google Chrome support Hikvision software.

To change the password on a Hikvision camera, use the current administrator password to log in to the camera via Internet Explorer or Firefox web browsers. If directed to install the plugin or to allow the plugin to run, follow the instruction in order to proceed with the password change.

  • After logging in to the camera, go to the tab labeled “CONFIGURATION.”
  • Next, go to “Basic Configuration” and then to “SECURITY.”
  • Select the desired user and click the button Labeled “MODIFY.” A “MODIFY USER” window will appear on the screen.
  • Enter the desired new password into the “PASSWORD” field. Below the new password field, an assessment bar rates the password strength. Create the strongest password possible.
  • Next, verify the password by re-entering it in the “CONFIRM” field.
  • Click “OK” to complete the process.

To change the password of a DVR/NVR, log in to the DVR/NVR using the current administrator password.

  • Proceed to the “MAIN MENU and select “SYSTEM CONFIGURATION.”
  • After the sub-menu appears on the left side of the screen, click “USER” to display all currently enrolled user accounts for in the DVR/NVR.
  • Select the desired user and click the “EDIT” icon (a pencil).
  • Next, enter the existing password in the “OLD PASSWORD” field and check the checkbox labeled “CHANGE PASSWORD.”
  • Enter a new password into the “PASSWORD” field, which determines the strength of a password as you enter it. Create a password that is as secure as possible.
  • Verify the new password by re-entering it in the “CONFIRM” field.
  • Make sure not to alter information for the User’s MAC address or User’s IP address fields. These settings will restrict access to the unit.
  • Click “OKAY” to complete the password change process.

To upgrade the firmware of a Hikvision camera in the US, download the appropriate firmware online.

  • After downloading proper firmware, unzip the content of the .zip file onto the desktop of your computer.
  • Next, use the Internet Explorer browser to log into the camera.
  • Go to the tab labeled “CONFIGURATION.”
  • Proceed from “BASIC CONFIGURATION” to “SYSTEM” and select the tab labeled “MAINTENANCE.”
  • Locate a section at the bottom of the page called “REMOTE UPGRADE” and click the “BROWSE” button to select the firmware file.
  • Next, select the firmware named digicap.dav on your desktop and click the button labeled “UPGRADE.” After successfully upgrading the firmware, the camera will reboot.

Press the “RESET” button and hold it down for 30 seconds while the camera is on to power it down. After it has shut down, continue to hold the “RESET” button down for 30 seconds as it powers back up. Continue to hold the “RESET” button down for a final 30 seconds, then let go of the button. If done properly, the camera has restored to its factory settings.

Call the team of experts at Ivanco, Inc., with all of your Hikvision FAQs to find out more about how the systems we install can meet your life safety needs today!

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