The Necessity of Commercial Intercom Systems

In order to keep day-to-day operations going, businesses need some form of commercial intercom systems. Those systems come become even more essential if an emergency arises. At Ivanco, Inc., we work with commercial clients of all types and sizes to install life safety solutions including the state-of-the-art commercial intercom systems designed by Telecor AssureCom. As a company with over 30 years of experience in manufacturing quality communication products and systems whose reliability and technology lead the market, Telecor is a company we’re proud to represent and to use in serving the needs of our clients.

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Telecor AssureCom

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System Options

Commercial intercom systems have two design options that serve various needs: wired and wireless. The right system is generally determined by the actual size and the type of needs an individual client has. Because of the expense, wired options are useful for simple setups requiring only a single monitor. By contrast, wireless options are often considered best when the need for multiple systems exists.

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We accommodate businesses, large or small, that have all types of commercial life safety needs. We offer individualized commercial life safety services that are appropriate for each business.

Wired Commercial Intercom Systems

Wired systems often include telephone or video intercom systems along with an external paging system. Video systems allow both audio and visual communication from various access points. Telephone systems call specific areas of a building, while external paging amplifiers and speakers are useful in paging entire buildings. Door phones added to telephone systems allow visitors to call someone in the building with the push of a button and have the door unlocked.

Because wired telephone systems are expensive and have high installation costs, they are not always desirable. Nor are they always essential, even if a door phone feature is necessary. In these cases, the use of intercoms with a single outdoor monitor and a desktop or wall-mounted indoor station is an option. This requires only a single wire running between the door and the indoor station.

Wireless Commercial Intercom Systems

Wireless intercoms offer the same capability and may be preferable if there are only a few areas needing some form of communication. However, this type of system poses more environmental challenges. Certain equipment may produce interference, as do certain types of building construction. Buildings whose construction consists of metal-framed walls and use extensive electrical wiring to handle office equipment can reduce the range of a wireless system. Many commercial buildings have concrete walls and floors, and this type of structure also proves challenging to the range capabilities of wireless systems. A professional inspection can determine the presence of any existing interference concerns before system installation.

Multi-Tiered, Easy-Access Communications

Ivanco puts the needs of our clients at the focus of our plan. Those goals dictate the size, type and features of the Telecor AssureCom system we install so they have everything they need at their fingertips. Through these systems, our clients have computer access to quick, easy and reliable methods of day-to-day communication through existing private branch exchange lines and administrative phones. A visual console enables the creation of customized alerts in seconds, sending them to multiple devices so that all necessary personnel are quickly notified when needed. AssureCom’s Event Management Interface confirms message recipients and allows you to monitor rooms from a secure, remote location.
One-touch message access transmits to multiple devices, providing updates from staff and keeping all necessary personnel up to date.

System Durability

Because of their varied uses and areas of installation, commercial intercoms must be durable. They are able to withstand conditions including:

  • Dirt
  • Dust
  • Exposure to water and moisture
  • Vandalism
  • Extreme temperatures

At Ivanco, we know that our clients need flexible, multi-tiered communication that keeps their businesses safe both in day-to-day operations as well as in emergency situations. The advanced technology utilized by Telecor’s commercial intercom systems transmits our standard of excellence to our clients, and we place our trust in their quality and reliability. We have decades of experience in providing and installing custom life safety systems for clients ranging from large-scale commercial corporations to small businesses. No matter the size, we have the perfect solution to each of your widely diverse needs.

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