Radio to Intercom Bridge Systems

Schools, businesses, healthcare facilities, and institutions of all kinds depend on both two-way radios and intercoms for communications. Ivanco can help you find an appropriate, cost-effective solution to consolidate these two systems through a bridge, allowing for more robust, effective, and secure communications, getting more from the resources you already have. Once established, you’ll be able to make announcements from anywhere on your campus without having to go back to your system’s control panel.

  • Provides added security
  • Designed to connect to an existing PA/intercom system
  • Available in Analog and DMR Digital VHF (150-162 MHz) and UHF (450-470MHz) frequency bands.
  • "Record and Play" allows the use of radios near PA speakers without feedback.
  • Easy "Plug and Play" installation.
  • Designed and Made in the USA.

Put Security First

Without efficient communication, proper safety and security during an emergency is impossible. A radio-to-intercom bridge system from Invanco provides that level of broad-reaching communication that allows the people who depend on you for safety to rest assured that you’re taking care of them. By linking radio users directly to the intercom and empowering them to make announcements campus-wide, vital information can be disseminated in moments. In an emergency, seconds count. Combining handheld 2-way radios and fixed-location, weather-proof 2-way radio callboxes such as the Ritron XT can make the system even more effective. Work with Ivanco to develop a radio-to-intercom bridge system.

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Our Technology

Ivanco offers Ritron® wireless solutions to act as the bridge between your radios and intercom. As an international leader in industrial-grade wireless communication equipment, their products are used in a wide range of data telemetry and voice communication applications. As we develop and deploy a system customized to your needs, you’ll know it’s backed by a dependable technology provider in Ritron and a life safety company you can trust.

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