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For nearly 40 years, we at Ivanco, Inc. have served the life safety needs of a wide range of clients across Northwest Florida. As a commercial life safety company, we understand the daily life safety challenges that businesses face. From managing inventory and monitoring a building to protecting employees and customers from danger, we work closely with our clients to design a system specifically suited to their individual needs. Each technician and member of the Ivanco team has years of expertise in the life safety industry, and we bring that knowledge to every client in our care.

Superior Commercial Life Safety Equipment

Employing the best products on the market, Ivanco, Inc. designs systems that are innovative, efficient, reliable and convenient. In addition, we offer individualized preventive maintenance programs that include system inspections, repairs, replacement and testing. In all that we do as a commercial life safety company, we want to ensure we address the needs of our clients in the manner best suited to them. We provide specialized life safety solutions including:

  • Remote access to surveillance cameras for real-time monitoring at any time, from anywhere
  • Overview cameras and license plate cameras that allow clear visibility of any vehicles on-property
  • Monitored points of access through life safety system logins using mobile devices
  • Sensors monitoring environmental changes indicative of dangers such as flood or fire
  • Biometric fingerprint scanners to heighten safety at access points

Life Safety Partnerships

Ivanco, Inc. sets itself apart as a premier provider of Hikvision USA products as well as Edwards, a division of United Technologies, two manufacturers whose superior quality and innovative technologies have made them highly reputable in the life safety sector. We place our confidence in the excellence of these state-of-the-art security cameras and emergency communications solutions more than any others on the market. At Ivanco, Inc. we know that these names mean quality and we believe that they better enable us to meet the specialized needs of our clients.

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Hikvision USA Security Cameras

Created by a corporation focused on developing innovative products and systems pertaining to artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics and other emerging technologies, Hikvision USA has become the largest manufacturer of security cameras and video surveillance systems in the world.

At Ivanco, Inc. we install Hikvision USA IP CCTV security cameras that allow complete integration into pre-existing life safety components. Their camera configurations simplify the process of building a customized security camera system for our clients and we install cameras at several price points including:

  • HD Cameras
  • HD Bullet Cameras
  • HD Domes
  • HD Mini Domes
  • HD PTZ Cameras

Backed by their reputation and proven history of quality, we at Ivanco, Inc. feel that their series of security cameras and integrated systems give us an even greater ability to complete our ultimate mission as a commercial life safety company.

Edwards United Technology Life Safety Solutions

The emergency notification systems created by Edwards United Technology are also valuable products in the Ivanco, Inc. lineup. Established in 1872, Edwards has become an industry leader in creating state-of-the-art fire detection and alarm solutions. From cost-effective hardwired control panels to high-end life safety and emergency communications systems, the products bearing the Edwards name offer unparalleled quality that gives them a distinguished reputation all over the world. At Ivanco, Inc. we know that our work as a commercial life safety company cannot be fully completed without the means to communicate an emergency. As an installer of Edwards products, we are given a great advantage in serving clients of all sizes so that in the event of an emergency, everyone is kept safe.

In order to keep our customers fully alerted in all situations, we offer Edwards products including:

  • Mass notification speakers to communicate over both large and small areas
  • Detection devices for smoke, heat and carbon monoxide
  • Fire-gas detectors
  • Commercial intercom systems

At Ivanco, we provide custom commercial security, business life safety systems and emergency notification systems to single-tenant buildings as well as multi-tenant structures and even large campuses. From existing businesses to new construction, we design solutions that fully protect each client’s space and each client’s needs. Our knowledgeable team works with clients in a range of markets including industrial, government, hospitality, education, retail, healthcare and technology. We dedicate ourselves to providing quality equipment and exceptional service.

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