Detecting the Best Smoke Detector

Even some of the best smoke detectors are notorious for going off without true justification, triggered by even the most harmless puffs of dusty air or humid weather conditions and sending everyone into panic mode only to discover that there isn’t actually cause for concern. It costs time, it costs money and it complicates day-to-day operations. 

Designed for complete reliability and accuracy that prevents such false alarms from occurring, Edwards Signature Series detectors feature multi-sensor capabilities that continually monitor all protected areas with on-board sensors finely-tuned for the detection of a different characteristic of combustion. All gathered information is then run through a complex algorithm that compares sensor readings over a period of time to recognized characteristics of fire, triggering the alarm notification only in the event that matching characteristics are found. Due to that degree of accuracy and reliability, the Signature Series is often considered the best smoke detector for commercial applications, offering intelligent technology that recognizes the difference between a false alarm and a truly life-threatening situation. 

Flexible, Slim-Line Detection

With a slim-line design of less than two inches deep, Signature Series duct smoke detectors are perfect for installation in the limited spaces of HVAC systems, a prime location for a superior degree of functionality – especially when minutes count. And despite the fact that the Signature Series’ dual sensor design features independent fire and optional on-board CO detectors as well as a replaceable smoke chamber, it is still unobtrusive and eliminates the need for two separate detectors.

Making the best smoke detector even better, its releasing module controls sprinkler pre-action sequences as well as the origination of suppression system deluge functions that either determines the need for the disbursement of water or the suppression of it. The system is also easily configured on-site and provides a wide range of options suitable to any application, giving it an even greater degree of customizability.

Detecting Cost-Efficiency and Serviceability

The best smoke detectors feature technology that make them not only relevant, but ahead of the curve; and the Signature Series does just that, designed with photoelectric detectors that feature highly sophisticated indirect-sensing technology for greater optical stability. Increasing efficacy, heat detectors include three thermisters for symmetrical thermal response, while the built-in carbon monoxide sensor includes its own daughter board for code-compliant end-of-life replacement, making it even more serviceable for maintenance.

Signature Series motion detectors and life safety modules are even more unique in that they offer the efficient and cost-effective integration of additional life safety functions to a fire system infrastructure. Adding to their value, their design allows for the use of existing wiring for retrofitting or twisted-pair wiring for new installations without the need for shielded cable, while a wide variety of mounting options make them even more flexible to various applications and needs.

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Unique Reliability and Value

The Signature Series also features powerful input/output modules that allow for the interaction of the life safety system with the world beyond the Signature loop controller. Each module’s function is uniquely determined by a personality code selected by the installer that is always set during system configuration. This innovative feature is exclusive to the Signature Series and provides system interoperability that is cost-effective and extremely efficient.

At Ivanco, Inc. we make our clients’ life safety needs a priority by installing only systems that offer the best smoke detector devices. We have full confidence in the excellence of the Signature Series of detectors created by Edwards Signaling for use in our clients’ properties, knowing that their reputation for reliability, efficacy and innovative technology supports our dedication to providing only the best. During our years of installing quality custom commercial life safety and business life safety systems throughout Northwest Florida and the surrounding region, our clients have always taken confidence in the fact that we provide the highest degree of service in all that we do.

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