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The importance of a fire life safety test and when to do it


During emergencies such as fires, life safety systems are crucial in protecting the occupants of a building, but in order to provide the highest level of protection, they require regular inspections, testing and maintenance. One of the most critical types of life safety systems are fire alarm systems, which include smoke detectors and manual pull…

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How to select the best emergency notification system for business

When it comes to selecting the right emergency notification system for business, it often seems as though the differences are negligible. An emergency notification system is an emergency notification system, right? In some ways, yes, but there are also differences that need to be addressed so that the right system is chosen for your business.…

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A Lesson on the Importance of Mass Notification Systems for Schools

It takes only a skimming of the headlines to realize that mass shootings are a very real danger, and schools are especially vulnerable to them. But even in situations that don’t involve unexpected violence, there are instances when time is of the essence for spreading communication of an emergency. For that reason, mass notification systems…

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Mass Notification Systems and Integration with Alertus

Emergency situations mean that quick response is crucial, and with their mass notification system, Alertus provides leading-edge technology that meets whatever needs your company has in creating a strong system of emergency alerts. At its core, Alertus is a brand known for providing system unification unsurpassed in the industry. For clients needing their entire facility…

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New Life Safety Products from Edwards United Technologies


As a company hyper-focused on innovative life safety products that exceed the technologies offered by other developers, Edwards recently introduced an even more advanced networked fire alarm and emergency communications platform. Called EST4, the core life safety platform includes improvements in network configuration, audio, survivability and cybersecurity greatly needed by modern-day consumers. The enhanced networking…

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Fire Detection and Alarm System Preventative Maintenance Checklist


Whether you run a small business or a large company, it’s critical to have a fire detection and alarm system preventative maintenance checklist that ensures all aspects of your system run correctly and are up to code. Running a system check on a bi-annual basis is ideal for the safety of everyone on your premises…

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Security for your Business: An Overview of Life Safety Systems

security of your business

As a business owner, you’ve probably realized the importance of security for your business. Having life safety systems in place not only provides you peace of mind but also lowers insurance rates and creates a safer working environment for your employees. That said, there’s not one particular life safety system that is right for every…

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The Importance of Fire Protection Systems

fire protection

Whether you run a large commercial company, a small business or facility that serves the public, having a fire protection system is crucial in keeping your building and employees safe. Unless the building has an effective fire protection system in place, anyone inside the building faces significant risk in the event a fire emergency. Smoke…

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True Commercial Life Safety System Cost

security system cost

When you’re installing a commercial life safety system, there’s more that needs consideration than just the initial investment. As a business owner, upfront cost is always a huge factor, but so is the long-term investment you make by allocating money into any one thing. So even as you try to keep your budget under control…

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The Importance of Durability and Rugged Devices


At Ivanco, Inc. we serve the needs of clients all across the area whose life safety needs vary greatly according to their size and their function. But one commonality they all share is the need for reliable, rugged devices for communication in the event of an emergency. Add to that their dependency on mass notification systems for…

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