Wide Communication Through Emergency Notification Systems

At Ivanco, Inc., we install emergency notification systems that utilize a combination of visual intelligence, settings and lists. Our user-friendly systems use detail-oriented analytics, language localization and high-quality voice routing to meet our clients’ needs for emergency communications and keep them safe. When each second counts, that type of capability matters, and we’re dedicated to making those communications easy, accurate and up-to-date. From severe weather disasters to significant life safety risks, our emergency notification systems give our clients what they need to increase their safety. We work with our clients to determine their needs for the size, type and function of their system so that they have a solution that is completely customized. From businesses to religious organizations and educational institutions, the need for efficient and reliable emergency notification systems is broad.

Not every situation requiring quick, widespread communication is an emergency. Some are merely updates on company or organization policies or emergency plans or maintaining points of connection to keep individuals and groups informed. Regardless of the need, emergency notification systems enable such capabilities and prove their worth.

Speaking Business Through Notification Systems

Businesses constantly need to consider the safety needs of their employees, customers and clients. One of the most effective tools in maintaining safety is through the use of emergency notification systems. At Ivanco, we install innovative systems and equipment from companies including Edwards United Technologies that are tailored to the specific needs of each business we work with, both large and small alike. From text messaging to automated phone calls, emergency notification systems send out communications to those who need them when they need them the most.

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We accommodate businesses, large or small, that have all types of commercial life safety needs. We offer individualized commercial life safety services that are appropriate for each business.

What Schools Say

Educational institutions are one of the highest users of mass emergency notification systems and keeping students, staff, families and surrounding communities connected. These systems allow school administrators to call parents and send out emergency texts within seconds. In the event of an emergency, those seconds become all the more crucial. From elementary school through high school and even colleges and universities, educational institutions need the ability to stay connected with students, staff, families and surrounding communities.

At Ivanco, we install emergency notification systems that are efficient, affordable and can easily be integrated into the school’s database. These systems implement voice, SMS, loudspeaker broadcasts and text messaging to provide such capabilities as:

  • Creating electronic audible notification throughout both larger and smaller areas
  • Delivering unlimited messages at any time, from any phone or through a web portal or mobile app
  • Instantly alerting all necessary parties regarding school emergencies, delays and cancellations
  • Organizing groups within school contact lists to create specifically targeted types of team communications
  • Providing each of the school’s buildings with their own messengers in the system, giving each access to the school’s contact lists
  • Tracking and documenting calls to view received updates

Even online-based education organizations can use emergency notification systems to keep their students connected to each other and to faculty. Voice messaging, text blasts and group messaging help create a strong sense of community for both students and staff by reaching out and sharing information.

Higher Learning About Notification Systems

Additionally, colleges and universities have enjoyed increased enrollment numbers through the voice, text and social media messaging capabilities provided by emergency notification systems. In a realm of education so dependent on enrollment and tuition fees, such messaging can help keep students interested and active. It can also be crucial in drawing potential new students to the school. Campuses whose properties and facilities are widespread also have a great need for speaker notifications when an emergency arises, and we can install the type and configuration of Edwards speakers they need.

Showing Faith In Emergency Notification Systems

Churches and religious organizations face a great need for emergency notification systems. Members of faith-based organizations need to stay connected, not only to strengthen their involvement but also to stay up to date on the matters that affect them. Installing an emergency notification system provides plenty of day-to-day benefits, but also for emergency situations including:

  • Communicating weather alerts
  • Creating electronic audible notification throughout the church campus and within various rooms
  • Delivering unlimited messages at any time, from any phone or through a web portal or mobile app
  • Instantly alerting all necessary parties regarding church emergencies and cancellations

At Ivanco, we know that our clients need communication capabilities that keep their businesses and organizations safe in emergency situations. We have decades of experience in providing and installing custom commercial life safety systems, business life safety systems and emergency notification systems for a wide range of clients and dedicate ourselves to providing them with quality equipment and exceptional service.

Call the team of skilled life safety experts at Ivanco, Inc. to learn more about the emergency notification systems we install today!

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