Emergency Communications That Simplify Emergency Response

Emergency communications systems play a crucial role in creating a safer, more secure environment in commercial buildings, working together in harmony to warn everyone of an emergency – whether that emergency is one of weather, fire, carbon monoxide or intrusion. Part of creating that harmony is having the right components in place, and the FireWorks system from Edwards combines the features of mass notification and life safety alerts to notify everyone of danger throughout entire facilities, across campuses and even in remote locations. 

Prioritizing Emergency Events

Due to the way it’s designed, the FireWorks emergency communication system prioritizes all system events, keeping the most urgent information at the forefront. It also keeps the operator up-to-date through the constant transmission of the latest information relevant to the currently selected event. As any situation progresses, the operator always has ready access to all relevant information needed for resolving the issue and gaining control of the situation.

Easy Communication

Thanks to the FireWorks system’s capabilities for communication with an SMTP e-mail server, details of the situation are automatically e-mailed to everyone on the FireWorks event distribution list. This allows building maintenance personnel to monitor system performance on a daily basis as well as providing critical information to support personnel as they work with the FireWorks operator on determining a course of action in a timely manner.

Whatever the emergency might be, the FireWorks emergency communication system’s smooth integration with EST3-Sixty’s UL listed Mass Notification/Emergency Communications (MNEC) capability helps keep the situation in control by using the EST3 communications network, which offers response personnel the tools they need to warn everyone of danger and bring them to safety.

 Emergency Control

FireWorks operators have complete control of a building, equipped with instant access to important details concerning any system event – even to the extent of directly accessing individual devices and issuing control commands in a split second with the click of a mouse. Meanwhile, the FireWorks system automatically displays details about changing conditions and site-specific factors that will then be key in determining the best response to the situation.

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Communication System Integration

Making it even more cost-effective, FireWorks functions as a single point of monitoring that consolidates data from systems manufactured by other companies that use industry-standard SIA Contact ID or 4/2 digital alarm communicator transmitters. FireWorks also connects to Edwards EST3 systems for annunciation and command/control operations, making it ideal for gathering information from many locations, regardless of where they might be. In addition, FireWorks functions as a conduit for compatible Edwards Signaling systems by transmitting commands between control panels. This creates exceptional interoperability in addition to offering a single point of control and communication between all generations of Edwards systems.

Emergency System Areas

FireWorks is uniquely designed with a segmented display that isolates and identifies relevant details of an emergency situation into defined areas at the same time as it keeps the big picture plainly in sight. Regardless of the level of danger or the severity of the event, these segmented display areas give the operator a greater degree of knowledge in gaining control of the situation as it unfolds. 

  • Maps: The FireWorks Map Area pinpoints the exact location of the emergency and gives the FireWorks operator the ability of instantly zooming in to any level of detail or zooming out to get a wider view of the situation and its progression.
  • Event Listings: The Event List Area sorts each event according to priority level and color-codes them by type, displayed in plain language for readability. Selecting any emergency event from this screen automatically shows supporting information, enabling quicker, more efficient and effective response to the situation.
  • Event Actions: The Event Action Area of the FireWorks system is a space designed for authorized users to acknowledge events, log responses and operate commonly used controls.
  • Imaging: The Image Area displays a photo and description of a selected device or a pre-saved image of the area affected by the current emergency situation.
  • Camera Viewing: FireWorks offers a CCTV interface, providing the ability for on-screen control and real-time footage from video cameras showing everything as it unfolds at the scene of the emergency.
  • Browsing: This Browser Area provides access to Internet functions and can be arranged to display specific web pages during various system events. This capability aids in the delivery of current, real-time information to the operator at critical times.

Dependable Emergency Action from a Dependable Company

At Ivanco, Inc. we make our clients’ life safety needs a priority by installing only the most technologically advanced, highest quality emergency communications systems. We have full confidence in the excellence offered by Edwards Signaling for use in our clients’ properties, knowing that their reputation for reliability and use of innovative technology supports our dedication to providing only the best. As we install quality custom commercial life safety and business life safety systems throughout Northwest Florida and the surrounding region, we give our clients peace of mind in knowing that we provide a superior level of dedication in all that we do.

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