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Hikvision on Top When Comparing Dahua vs. Hikvision


Comparing Dahua vs. Hikvision Naturally, when it comes to products on the consumer market, everyone wants to get the best for their needs as well as one that fits in their budget. The more options there are, the more everyone wants to know which is best. That question is no different when it comes to…

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What is Hikvision’s Best Lens?

When it comes to selecting a security camera lens, it’s important to know what your needs are before simply choosing one based on price or common assumptions about features. Certain security camera lenses offer certain capabilities and functions in terms of viewing angles, clarity and degree of zoom – and focal length directly dictates those…

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The Benefits of Being a Hikvision Platinum Dealer


Authorized Hikvision Dealer Benefits In order to better serve the many clients who use the Hikvision USA, Inc. products and provide authorized dealers with benefits that translate to their own clients, Hikvision has created a multi-tiered program of Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond levels. Starting with Silver, each level of the program builds on the…

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Facial Recognition Technology


Highlights of Hikvision’s Facial Recognition Technology As the leading manufacturer of technologically advanced, state-of-the-art video surveillance products and security solutions around the globe, it naturally follows that Hikvision USA, Inc.’s product line includes a range of innovative terminals utilizing facial recognition technology. The deep-learning algorithms embedded in Hikvision’s face recognition terminals enable access control and…

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Hikvision USA, Inc. Hotel Security Systems

Hikvision USA, Inc. Hotel Security Systems In places that see a constant stream of activity with an often unpredictable number and dynamic of people, security is extremely important. One of the greatest tools for keeping security high is video surveillance. Specifically, hotels and casinos are under these circumstances each and every day as thousands of…

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Hikvision USA, Inc. Police Security Systems

Hikvision USA, Inc. Police Security Systems Proper police security systems are becoming increasingly important in keeping our cities safe. Police departments all across the country are using them in an increasing number of ways as they step up their efforts to safeguard their communities and reinforce the strength of their personnel.   Armored Mobile Security…

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Video Surveillance Systems in Condos

Home In On the Benefits of Video Surveillance Systems in Condos Like any home or dwelling place, condos should have proper security. Often, however, condo owners overlook the need for necessary security systems. Whether they’re in high-rise developments or smaller units, condos should be given full attention for risk. In fact, both face the risk of…

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Video Systems in Schools

Be Educated About Video Surveillance Systems in Schools Keeping your school’s staff and the students safe is a priority. But security can present a challenge if you don’t have the proper systems in place. Every day, school campuses are at risk for acts of violence or vandalism, but installing a custom commercial security system with…

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Increasing Church Security with CCTV

Preaching the Need to Increase Church Security with CCTV Churches and other places of worship are frequent targets for burglars, which means that taking measures to increase security is something that is undeniably necessary. The fact that these sacred spaces should never be the target for crime is the very reason that so many of…

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Preventing Employee Theft

Preventing Employee Theft Is Your Business Billions of dollars are stolen from businesses by their employees on an annual basis, and a whopping 75 percent of employees actually admit to having stolen from their employer at least once. As a business owner, the best defense you have against instances of employee theft is to install…

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