The Importance of Fire Protection Systems

fire protection

Whether you run a large commercial company, a small business or facility that serves the public, having a fire protection system is crucial in keeping your building and employees safe. Unless the building has an effective fire protection system in place, anyone inside the building faces significant risk in the event a fire emergency. Smoke…

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True Commercial Life Safety System Cost

security system cost

When you’re installing a commercial life safety system, there’s more that needs consideration than just the initial investment. As a business owner, upfront cost is always a huge factor, but so is the long-term investment you make by allocating money into any one thing. So even as you try to keep your budget under control…

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The Importance of Durability and Rugged Devices


At Ivanco, Inc. we serve the needs of clients all across the area whose life safety needs vary greatly according to their size and their function. But one commonality they all share is the need for reliable, rugged devices for communication in the event of an emergency. Add to that their dependency on mass notification systems for…

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Multi-Tiered Emergency Communication System

emergency comm system

Client needs are the driving force of everything we do at Ivanco, Inc., and these needs determine the size, type and features of the Telecor AssureCom emergency communication system we install on their property. We know the importance of easy accessibility and quick response times as well as offering everything at their fingertips, and Telecom’s systems provide the very best. …

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Get Wired with a Wired Intercom System You can Count On

wired intercom system

Wired on a Wired Intercom System Intercom systems are an integral part of keeping the lines of communication open in a business, creating channels to transmit everything from important safety information to simple updates on changes in scheduling or even allowing one employee to communicate with another. Depending on the size of the business and…

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What are the Capabilities of Hikvision DVR?

hikvision dvr

Capabilities of Hikvision DVR As technology changes, so does the method of recording and transmitting video images – especially in applications such as video surveillance. As one of the leading producers of life safety systems and components in the world, Hikvision stays at the fore of its field by adapting and creating new products that…

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How to Choose the Best Lens for Your Needs

security camera lens

Even if you have the best life safety system in place, it’s critical to use the type of security camera lens that fulfills all your requirements, whether your surveillance area is large or small, near or far. Rather than simply choosing one that seems a one-size-fits-all lens, the lens chosen for your business should always…

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Hikvision on Top When Comparing Dahua vs. Hikvision


Comparing Dahua vs. Hikvision Naturally, when it comes to products on the consumer market, everyone wants to get the best for their needs as well as one that fits in their budget. The more options there are, the more everyone wants to know which is best. That question is no different when it comes to…

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What is Hikvision’s Best Lens?

When it comes to selecting a security camera lens, it’s important to know what your needs are before simply choosing one based on price or common assumptions about features. Certain security camera lenses offer certain capabilities and functions in terms of viewing angles, clarity and degree of zoom – and focal length directly dictates those…

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The Benefits of Being a Hikvision Platinum Dealer


Authorized Hikvision Dealer Benefits In order to better serve the many clients who use the Hikvision USA, Inc. products and provide authorized dealers with benefits that translate to their own clients, Hikvision has created a multi-tiered program of Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond levels. Starting with Silver, each level of the program builds on the…

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