What is Hikvision’s Best Lens?

security camera lens
When it comes to selecting a security camera lens, it’s important to know what your needs are before simply choosing one based on price or common assumptions about features. Certain security camera lenses offer certain capabilities and functions in terms of viewing angles, clarity and degree of zoom – and focal length directly dictates those variables.

Focal length, measured in mm, refers to the distance from the camera lens and the image sensor allowable for the image to remain in focus. The focal length of the security camera lens dictates the viewing angle a camera delivers, which also determines the degree of zoom the camera has.

Fixed Focal Length Security Camera Lenses

Hikvision offers fixed focal length options in their cameras, which provide viewing angles including:

  • 2.8mm: 90-degree horizontal field of vision
  • 4mm: 60-degree horizontal field of vision
  • 6mm: 45-degree horizontal field of vision
  • 12mm: 25-degree horizontal field of vision

While most people assume that a wider viewing angle is always more preferable, the wider viewing angle causes certain details to appear smaller in the scene, due to the fact that they then take up less pixels-per-inch. Unfortunately, this results in an image that is smaller and less detailed.

Varifocal Security Camera Lenses

In addition to fixed focal length security camera lens options, Hikvision also produces Varifocal camera lens options. Unlike security cameras with fixed focal length lenses, Varifocal cameras allow for the manual or remote adjustment of the focal length and – consequently – the zoom of the camera within a certain range. For Hikvision’s most popular cameras, this lens length usually ranges from a 2.8mm to 12mm lens. These lengths allow for the setting of the cameras to view any angle from approximately 90 degrees to 25 degrees. For even more optical zoom, some Hikvision PTZ camera lenses have a far wider range of focal lengths.

Security Camera Lens Expertise

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