Business Life Safety Systems That Serve the Market

Throughout our many years of operation, Ivanco, Inc. has built a solid history and trusted reputation for the excellence of our work and our commitment to our clients. We are an industry leader as a life safety systems provider solely focused on serving the needs of commercial clients of all types and sizes. Regardless of whether a building is in its earliest phase of construction or is an existing structure requiring retrofitting, our technicians and engineers specialize in meeting those challenges. We work with each client on an individual basis to design business life safety systems for their property so that their needs are fully accommodated. From single-floor facilities and multistory buildings to large campus settings with multiple structures, we can design the perfect system that is effective, efficient and reliable.

Customized Business Solutions

We specialize in the installation and monitoring of business life safety systems as well as fire detection systems to ensure the safety of clients across a wide range of sectors. No two clients are alike, so our technicians are highly knowledgeable in assessing the needs of our customers and explaining the various ways that they might need to address their specific challenges. We never rely on a one-size-fits-all formula, so we offer various designs and systems that utilize combinations of components from Edwards United Technology and Hikvision USA. As a premier provider for such industry-leading names, we at Ivanco, Inc. have also set ourselves apart for the quality and excellence of the systems we install.

Since our founding more than 25 years ago, Ivanco, Inc. has made it our priority to provide our commercial clients with innovative business life safety systems to maintain optimal levels of service that keep operations running safely. We understand the daily challenges faced by our clients and know that some, more than others, are at risk for dangers that are not always in plain sight.

Business Markets We Serve

At Ivanco, Inc. we serve clients all across the Emerald Coast, from Pensacola to Panama City Beach. Our team provides business life safety systems to single-tenant buildings as well as locations with multiple tenants or multiple structures. The markets we serve include:

  • Condominiums
  • Educational
  • Government
  • Healthcare and medical
  • High technology
  • Hospitality
  • Industrial
  • Nonprofits
  • Offices
  • Religious organizations
  • Retail

We know that the more sizeable a property is and the more customers or employees a business has, the greater their need for multi-tiered life safety systems is. Some of our clients, such as those who actively use a great deal of technology and have highly sensitive material in their possession, need a greater level of safety. These clients might require more security cameras in more locations or secure access to points of entry, and we can design the perfect solutions to meet whatever challenges they face.

Dedication and Quality

At the heart of it all, from our smallest clients to our largest, we rely on the innovation of the technology we employ in our systems, from the mass emergency notification systems we install to the security cameras we place strategically throughout the properties we monitor. Each component works together with seamless integration to ensure that it is fully effective in every situation and for every client. From the schools that rely on our ability to keep their faculty and students safe from harm to the retailers who trust that their security camera systems are monitoring their merchandise, the level of individual attention we provide has been one of our greatest assets in making us a trusted presence in the life safety industry.

Keep your business safe and secure! Call the dedicated team of technicians and life safety design experts at Ivanco, Inc. to learn more about the business life safety systems we offer today!

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We accommodate businesses, large or small, that have all types of commercial life safety needs. We offer individualized commercial life safety services that are appropriate for each business.